After a performative 911 call on a Black man who wanted to watch birds without the presence of unleashed dogs, an unexpected development has been made in the case of the Central Park police-calling incident.

While Amy Cooper is out of a job., Christian Cooper is the internet's new heartthrob. 

On Memorial Day, Christian was the victim of a nonsense 911 call. Amy falsely told 911 operators Christian was "threatening [her] life" after he began recording her when she refused to place her dog on a leash per his request, as Blavity previously reported

Amy's malevolent theatrics eventually got her fired from her executive position at investment company Franklin Templeton while Christian's lovely looks and intriguing career trajectory earned him a new flock of admirers. 

In short, the gals and the guys all want to be hanging with Mr. Cooper. 

The Harvard University graduate now has plenty of potential bird-watching partners.

Christian's bird-watching isn’t just a fun hobby, but a serious passion of his.

According to the New York Post, Christian currently sits on the board of directors of the New York City chapter of the Audubon Society, a conservationist group dedicated to protecting birds. While he was receiving his bachelor’s degree from the Ivy League, he served as the president of the ornithological club, reports NewsOne.

The dude is truly fascinating. The Twitterverse can't help but want to learn a thing or two about…whatever it is that he knows. 

Christian, who is gay, and is believed to be in his late 50s, is a former Marvel Comics editor who worked on popular stories, including the Darkhold series and Excalibur, and who edited some X-Men collections, reports NewsOne. 

While working on Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Christian developed the first openly gay man for the series, Yoshi Mishima, reports Pink News. Mishima is a cadet who is a “smart, brave, caring young man who was a capable leader, a skilled officer, and an effective fighter,” according to Gay League.

While his resume and personality are both impressive, we'd like to reiterate that all Black people deserve to be respected and supported in the face of racism — not just Harvard graduates.