Netflix is at it again with another killer series taking the world by storm. Following in the footsteps of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos and Jessica Jones is the epic, science-fiction horror adventure/period drama, Stranger Things. It already ranks as one of Netflix’s most top-rated series ever.

The show in itself is a homage to 80s pop culture, music, television and movies. Recently, there have been a lot of popular cult science fiction/horror series, such as A&E’s Bates Motel and FOX’s Wayward Pines. If you see any similarities between the former and Stranger Things, it’s because The Duffer Brothers, who created Stranger Things, wrote episodes for Wayward Pines!

Since its release last month, Stranger Things has received critical acclaim, including universal praise of its acting performances, specifically from its younger, precocious cast. One of these mini-acting powerhouses is Caleb McLaughlin who portrays Lucas Sinclair. Repping for us melanated folks on the cast, McLaughlin brings a particular, noted energy to the cast.

Here’s why his character, Lucas, is a standout on Stranger Things and a soon-to-be blerd icon:

1. His comebacks are on point.

Photo: Tumblr/mikeswheelxr

2. He even popularized the precursor to iPhones in the 1980s.

Photo: Tumblr

3. He’s that one friend you need to be skeptical.

Photo: Tumblr/margots-robbie

4. You also need that friend that comes prepared.

Photo: Tumblr/AnnaSpeckharts

5. To be honest, he’s the friend you need to keep tabs on your other friends.

Photo: Tumblr

6. And cover them with blankets in their time of need.

Photo: Tumblr/lynnscofield

7. Or be used as a pillow for a nap.

Photo: Tumblr/dahwilds

8. His bandana is a major key (which McLaughlin requested to wear during the show).

Photo: Tumblr/AnnaSpeckhearts

9. He’s awesome at giving the warning calls.

Photo: Giphy

10. Admitting he’s wrong

Photo: Tumblr

11. He’s down for his hittas *cue C-Murder*

Photo: Tumblr/House of Yonce

Here’s to more blerd awesomeness of Lucas in a season 2 for the show.

Photo: Tumblr/foxmuldez

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