Each year comes with its own slew of unique catch phrases that become so iconic and equally hard to let go. With a new year on the horizon, and a special thanks to those who mouthed them, it should come as no surprise that these 11 memorable sayings will be immortalized into 2019 and beyond:

“Y’all Won.” - Offset

Kiari Kendrell Cephus knows damn well the innanets gon’ always win when it comes to calling out foolishness. But this one here ain’t about them -- it’s about him, and his refusal to accept responsibility for dicking down groupies for sport. He should know that one of the tenets of marriage is monogamy.


“I love us -- for real.” - Mo’nique

Comedienne Monique Angela Hicks tried it; homegirl attempted to rile up an anti-Netflix movement among Black folks when to they offered her a $50,000 comedy show deal for unfunny jokes. It ain’t work. Anywho, Black Lives Matter got negroes covered on the love fest. BLM not only tell us they love us, but they show us through their social justice activism -- for real.

“To freedom!” - Nicki Minaj

This year, when it came to disruptive commentary, Onika Tanya Maraj went hard. Losing out on the No. 1 album in the country to Travis Scott was the catalyst for the Barb’s provocative rant and parallel to none other than Harriet Tubman. Black Twitter erupted as it was a wonderful shitstorm, indeed. Many want to cancel the “Chun Li” artist, but the slogan stays. If you missed it, peep the audio.

“Is this your king?” - Erik Killmonger

Hoards of people lost their shit when Michael Bakari Jordan’s villainous character declared himself king of Wakanda after whipping T’Challa’s ass -- and rightfully so. I mean, y’all did peep that thuggish-ruggish I-just-bodied-your-dude-Ma bravado, right? Oh, just me -- emkay.

“I’m good luv, enjoy.” - Future

Listen: No tea is tastier than the black pekoe tea Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is giving up right now. This line was born out of a booty call gone wrong. Allegedly, a young woman “flewed out” to Los Angeles to meetup with the Trap god and had the expectation he would he cover her $550 travel expenses by 1000 percent. However, when she arrived, she informed him that she wasn’t there to get the dizznick, but rather go to the studio and chill. All bets were off for Pluto. Ole girl was never reimbursed and her hotel accommodations were cut short, according to her Facebook post.

“Hey Auntie.” - Erik Killmonger

This line’s ambiguity is as interesting as the phrase itself. It’s a title track on rappers Chazbandz and Borleone’s 2017 mixtape. It actually references serving drugs to someone’s aunt. Perhaps Jordan flipped the script for proper pettitude, however, due to Killmonger’s thuggish-ruggish pull-up, this greeting alone might have the most prudish, stuck-up auntie bust it open -- because bawdy.

“I wanna thank me…” - Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg, aka Uncle Snoop, aka Snoop Lion blessed us with this good word, reminding us it is totally OK to pat you on the back for achieving and believing in you.


“Thank you -- next.” - Ariana Grande

After relationships with ex-boyfriends -- one who taught her love, one who taught her patience, one who taught her pain -- Ariana Grande-Butera proves you can actually break up, and be both thankful and unfazed by big dick energy; so much so you look forward to the next batter up. Thank you for this, miss Grande. Thank you.

“Till this day ….” - Deontay Wilder 

If you think playing dumb about Blackness with a 200 pound, 6 foot 7 inch tall, bronze boxer from back roads of Alabama is a good idea, then getting screamed on is really saving grace. Deontay Leshun Wilder wilded out on a reporter who played ignant about the significance of Wilder’s connection to Radio Raheem. The incident birthed this delicious outbursts and Till this day, these words and footages just bless my heart:

"U gon cry in this Phantom or dat Nissan?" -- Future 

Your baby’s daddy’s favorite baby daddy is the gift that keeps on giving -- literally and figuratively. Babies and greasy ass one liners are benevolent. Though we can only make conjecture about the source of such a profound ultimatum, we can speculate that it has much ado with baby mama drama, involving his current Brittni Mealy and his future, Joie Chavis. Either way, the you can get with this or you can get with that remix is both tragic and useful.  


“Who are me to judge?” - Andrew Caldwell

… ‘cause really, who are we to judge