At 11 years old, Ra’quelle Boyd has already found her passion. In the kitchen, she is known as Chef Kisses.

Boyd has completed a pop-up drive-thru full of customers wanting her delicious food. Now, she’s excited to give it another go. 

After having some supporters wait up to two hours to try her food, she expressed how happy she was to WTMJ-TV

“It made me feel happy and that people really enjoy my food,” the young chef said.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports she sold 50 take-out boxes.

The unexpected turnout left the family slightly taken aback. However, after seeing the response and Boyd’s dedication, they steadily prepared for the next pop-up. 

The young girl’s parents, Robert and Sarhena Boyd, footed the bill for the first pop-up. They provided the capital to support their daughter’s dream of owning and running a restaurant one day.

“This is something she has a passion about she don’t just talk about it, she’ll actually put the effort in,” Robert said.

Their support paid off because Boyd’s latest feast will be self-funded.

“The second one everything that came from her menu to her balloons her flyers, she paid for all of it herself,” her father added.

Boyd’s passion for the culinary arts began to show at a young age, and her parents eagerly nurtured it. According to the outlet, she graduated from her first play kitchen set to her first deep fryer at the age of 5.

“She’s been talking about Chef Kisses’ Place for a very long time,” her mother said. “So when she came up with this idea it was like hey why not, we do a lot of stuff as a family.”

During her first summer drive-thru, Boyd’s menu included chicken, fries, cheese fries, walking nachos, and her “special Kisses Kool-Aid,” which has secret ingredients.

The second “Chef Kisses” pop-up featured cornbread, macaroni and cheese, yams, greens, her special Kool-Aid and her staple: chicken. Boyd says the “family recipe” is her “favorite.”

“It’s my favorite thing to eat, too, and my dad taught me to make it,” she said.

Boyd’s parents and three siblings help with food prep and turning their garage into a makeshift pick-up location. They hope the support leads her to be a great entrepreneur and own a restaurant someday.

While her parents’ backing and support are a great incentive, Chef Kissess’ is just happy to be doing what she loves.

“I just wanted to cook and show everybody else how I cook,” she said.

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