Following the untimely death of 702 member Irish Grinstead, 112‘s Quinnes “Q” Parker is calling for a reconciliation with his bandmates after they ignored his calls.

Grinstead passed away on Sept. 16 after a long illness, which prompted Jagged Edge‘s Brandon Casey to share that he was involved in a serious car accident the next day, Vibe reported. Such heavy news led Parker, who left 112 in 2018, to post a video message with the intent of getting his former bandmates’ attention.

“Great Sunday, hope you’re well,” he started. “I woke up with a heavy heart this morning, and um, it was because I got the news of the passing of Irish from the R&B group of 702. So, my heart and my condolences goes out to Lamisha and their entire family. Also to Meelah from 702, my sister Meelah. My condolences to you as well.”

He continued, “But then also, in addition to that, I saw that Brandon, my brother Brandon from Jagged Edge was in a car accident. And his car was just like completely just totaled and he survived. And he was just thanking, you know, and he was able to endure the car crash and the car accident, and it just really had my heart heavy.”


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Parker then addressed his former band members Marvin “Slim” Scandrick and Michael “Mike” Keith, who he is not on good terms with at the moment.

“And so to Slim and Mike, man, call me back,” he said in the clip. “It’s way beyond the music. Just call me back bruh.”

He also captioned his video message with the following sentiments: “The universe has a way of showing us that it’s in control. Our job is to serve, be kind, and just do good. This news really rocked me to the point that I assessed beyond any profession, beyond any amount of money…… how are your relationships with the people you love! I can honestly say that if anything were to happen to my band members i would be F***ED UP and the constant question would remain in my head, Q, did you do enough to mend the relationship! @officialslim_ @michaelkeith112 CALL ME BACK.”

Fans commended Parker for going the extra mile to extend an olive branch to his peers.

“OMG! My ❤️ is smiling! The selfish 112 fan in me has been praying you all work it out, because we want to see all of y’all…Together. As you said, it’s bigger than music & life is short! Y’all are brothers…In real life 💙,” one person commented.

“That’s maturity bro! Rise above the bs. Relationships matter most. God Bless,” another fan wrote.

“Proud of you big bro❤️ takes a BIG Man to humble himself to this level. #CallMeBack 🙏🏽 gonna think about some people I need to call now… thanks for always leading❤️,” someone else agreed.

Signed to Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records, 112 released a string of hits in the late ’90s and early aughts, including “Only You,” “Anywhere” and “Dance With Me,” along with the Grammy-nominated “Peaches and Cream.”

R&B lovers will now have to wait and see if Parker’s call to action was successful.