You may know him as the guy with the terribly intelligent life hacks on Twitter, but he's way more than an everyday meme. 

Photo: BBC Three

Kayode Ewumi is the face of BBC Three's wildly popular series, #HoodDocumentary. This actor and filmmaker used social media to his advantage posting hilarious bits quickly gaining notoriety for his comedic genius. 

It all started in 2015.

Soon, a full blown mockumentary was born. His persona R.S. (Roll Safe) in the series gives a satirical look at what it's like being a black man in London. R.S. quickly became meme gold and an international sensation. 

A simple tap to the temple and we all realized that we've been doing life all wrong.

Photo: BBC Three

Here are 13 Roll Safe shortcuts for your brain.

1. You won't ever lose sleep if you never sleep.

2. If you stay clean, you don't have to get clean.

3. No money, no problems.

4. You can't lose if you don't play.

5. Free is only attainable for the free.

6. Beyonce can't lose what she already won.

7. Supply and demand are key for infidelity.

8. Numbers don't lie.

9. Just give up on McDonald's ice cream machine.

10. Your feelings can't get hurt over a feeling that wasn't intended for you.

11. Read between the lines.

12. Love and relationships are simple geometry calculations.

13. Time is not ours to keep.

Take a look at the early #HoodDocumentary phenomenon.

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