Sometimes it hurts. Deeply. I'm not referring to your everyday, run-of-the-mill disappointment, I'm talking about that heart wrenching, sick-to-your-stomach, earth-shattering kind of distress that makes it hard to swallow and difficult to breath. The kind of loss that makes you question everything you thought you were sure of. The kind that forever alters the way you look at things. Whether it's the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship or an unexpected crisis, no one is immune to tragedy. Pain, loss and rejection are an inescapable part of the human experience. The upside is that it is entirely possible to convert that negative energy into positive fuel to propel you further than you would have gone without it. With a bit of faith, time and strategic management, you can flip that situation in your favor.

Here are 13 steps to turn your tragedy into triumph:

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1. Avoid what's avoidable.

2. Let it burn.

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3. Accept it.

4. Watch your vices.

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5. Do your work.

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6. Access the damage.

7. Root out the lesson.

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8. Take responsibility.

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9. Get centered.

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10. What might happen next?

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11. Determine your desired outcome.

12. Make a plan.

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13. Use it.

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