1. Remember ALL women are valuable.
  2. Stop saying that women don't like nice guys. We love  nice guys. Maybe accept the fact that you aren’t actually a "nice guy." After all, if you really were, you'd be nice without expecting anything in return, right?
  3. Research the true meaning of feminism. If you can agree that women deserve the same civil, professional and social opportunities as men, then you might be a feminist. And that's okay! It's actually a good thing.
  4.  Stop asking for nudes... Just stop.
  5. Understand that a woman asking you not to call her a female or any other word other than her name (yes, even Queen) is to be respected. Your approval is a non-factor.
  6. Accept that rejection is a part of life and any woman who rejects your romantic or sexual advances is not a b****, thot,  stuck up, or any other name your wounded ego can muster up.
  7. If you find yourself about to start a statement with “Women/females/whatever,” stop right there.
  8. Know for certain and without a shadow of a doubt that lesbian, queer, trans, and bisexual women are NOT objects for your sexual fantasies. They are human beings and deserve to be treated as such.
  9. Get comfortable with the fact that there are women in the world whose goals in life don't include marriage and children. Accept that it is their preference and has absolutely nothing to do with  you.
  10. This might come as a shock to some of you, but WOMEN ARE HAVING SEX! This means they  have urges, get horny, can and do have strictly sexual relationships. Astounding, no?
  11. Women are not here for your entertainment.
  12. With that being said, dead the “dress how you want to be addressed" mentality. Do you deserve respect if I’m trying to have a conversation with you and you’ve got gold in your mouth?
  13. Always remember that women who perform or have careers in traditionally male-dominated fields are NOT there because of pity. It's because they're the best person for the job. So dispel your feelings of unfairness and acknowledge that sometimes the best man for a job is a woman!

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