A 13-year-old boy's Monday afternoon turned into a horror story when he was allegedly kidnapped from a school bus stop, ABC Houston reports. 

Zavion Parker's mother, Michelle Lee, became worried when her son didn't return home from school, and contacted the police.

The police found him, and he had a terrifying story for them.

According the 6th grader's account, five teenage boys approached him after he exited his school bus in a Houston, Texas, neighborhood. Parker says the teens then and forced him into a vehicle.

A witness, Camecia Carmouche, later spotted the boy racing up a street with no shoes and a torn shirt. Carmouche immediately called the police. 

ABC 13 reporter Erica Simon tweeted details for Parker's account, including the suspects' physical features and where they allegedly took Zavion before he escaped. 

HPD is investigating reports that 13 y/o Zavion Parker was snatched on his way home from school in East Houston. He’s ok and back with his family — but was found with a torn shirt and no shoes. He says one of the suspects had a tattoo of a racial slur. pic.twitter.com/2Aw40ubAjN— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 15, 2018

The 6 suspects (5 of which are roughly 17-18 years-old) are all described as having reddish hair. The adult driver had a heavy build with arm tats. He was driving a red truck with flames on the side. If you see anything, know anything — speak up.— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 15, 2018

Zavion said he was taken to a vacant property full of guns/torture items that looked like a cabin from the outside. When asked why he was abducted, he says the suspects replied “because you’re Black.” He managed to run away; a driver found him, called police.— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 15, 2018

This is Camecia Carmouche, the woman who saw Zavion Parker running down the street; stopped to help him. pic.twitter.com/wFNpLheNsx— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 15, 2018

Woman in East Houston just called me. Says at least 7 officers are at an abandoned “shack”/property near Zavion’s home right now. The street is blocked off and they appear to be investigating. Don’t know what will come of this, but will keep you posted. pic.twitter.com/lm1syICREg— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 16, 2018

Last night, HPD responded to Zavion’s home to follow up on a lead. He, his mom and Camecia (the driver who found him) led officers to the cabin/shack Zavion described. According to them — officers recovered a wooden chair, shell casings and weapons. ????— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 16, 2018

Waiting to hear an official word back from HPD. What they can say depends on where they are in the investigation.— Erica Simon (@EricaOnABC13) May 16, 2018

Zavion claimed the group of teenage boys and one adult male driver took him to a vacant house where they assaulted him, and sent his mother text messages threatening to "kill him." When the group went to retrieve a gun to load, Parker made a mad dash to escape.  

The adult male suspect was described as a white male, heavy built with straight orange hair. Parker also described a racial tattoo on his arm, which read, "I hate black people."

Thankfully, Parker appears to be doing fine following the incident. 

A man identifying himself as Lee's coworker tweeted about the incident, writing the 13-year-old escaped a lynching.

"This is my coworker’s son, They attempted to lynch him but he escaped," Twitter user @That_Monstaa posted. 

The Houston Police Department is currently investigating the matter. We will keep you posted on further updates as they arise.