Former MLB star Darryl Strawberry's granddaughter MyLisa was found safe and healthy on Thursday after she went missing the day before, People reports. The family celebrated the moment, making sure to update their followers on social media.

Strawberry's daughter, Diamond, who also starred on VH1's Love & Hip Hop season 5, posted the joyous news on her Instagram. 

"MyLisa was found safe!!!! Thank you everyone for helping me find my baby!!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!! I am forever grateful," Diamond told her 279,000 followers. "All the repost and attention that was brought is the reason my baby is HOME!!!"

"So Many Prayers Answered. Thank You!!" Darryl said on Instagram. 

Diamond also thanked her father for his help in raising awareness of MyLisa's disappearance. 

"Thanks for all your help dad. Getting the word out there is what got my baby home!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!" she commented.

The 14-year-old went missing on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Darryl called on the public via social media to help find the young girl, sharing a photo of his granddaughter as well as a description. She was seen wearing a black outfit with white Jordans at the time of her disappearance. 

"This is our granddaughter MyLisa who is missing right now! Please Please Pray for us as we desperately need your prayers! Thank You!" the 59-year-old wrote on social media. 

Diamond also shared the post, urging anyone with information to come forward. 

"PLEASE REPOST!! PLEASE SHARE!!!! Please help us bring MyLisa home!" she said earlier this week. 

The distressing experience came just one week after Diamond and MyLisa celebrated the teen's 14th birthday with a trip to Hawaii. The mom and daughter were seen riding jet skis together in the ocean by Maui. 

"Just you, me, & the sea,"  Diamond captioned the photos. "I hope your 14th birthday was one you’ll remember forever Mommy loves you!"

MyLisa graduated from middle school in June and is prepping to start her freshman year of high school. Her mother also marked the occasion, gushing with pride over her child on Instagram. 

"My baby is going to HIGH SCHOOL!! I am so very proud of you, MyLisa! I know online school has been an adjustment, but you did it! Congratulations my sweet girl! Mommy loves you! (In no time, I’ll be sending you off to COLLEGE!!)" she captioned the post. 

Darryl had a celebrated career in the MLB between 1983 to 1999. A three-time World Series Champion, he played right field for various teams, including the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees.