From Inglewood, California to Miami, Florida, #BlackLivesMatter protests swept the nation in recent days. With the consecutive police murders of #DelwranSmall, #AltonSterling, #PhilandoCastile and #AlvaBraziel many have been left feeling helpless and fearful. These feelings have been channeled into action that has taken form as protests and demonstrations in major cities across the country.

This video from the protest in Baton Rouge is a short but accurate depiction of perhaps how all #BlackLivesMatter protesters felt on the front lines.

Many other videos like the one above have been circulating from protests in other cities. The reality is that Black people are tired of police brutality whether they’re in Louisiana or Massachusetts.
Here’s a look at 15 powerful photos from those other cities:  

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

#BlackLivesMatter New Orleans
Photo: Houston Chronicle

2. New York City, New York

#BlackLivesMatter New York City
Photo: The Fader

3. Boston, Massachusetts

#BlackLivesMatter Boston
Photo: Nicolaus Czarnecki for Boston Herald

4. Dallas, Texas

#BlackLivesMatter Dallas Texas
Photo: AFP

5. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

#BlackLivesMatter Baton Rouge Louisiana
Photo: Jonathan Bachman for Reuters

6. Atlanta, Geogia

#BlackLivesMatter Atlanta
Photo: Brandon English

7. Miami, Florida

#BlackLivesMatter Miami Florida
Photo: Twitter via @SheaButterPapi

8. Inglewood, California

#BlackLivesMatter LA Inglewood
Photo: Los Angeles Times

9. St. Paul, Minnesota

#BlackLivesMatter Minnesota St. Paul
Photo: Star Tribune

10. Detroit, Michigan

#BlackLivesMatter, Detroit
Photo: Twitter

11. Washington, DC

#BlackLivesMatter Washington, DC
Photo: The Washington Post

12. Baltimore, Maryland

#BlackLivesMatter Baltimore
Photo: Baltimore Sun

13. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#BlackLivesMatter Philadelphia
Photo: Twitter via @MakeWondersPA

14. Rochester, New York

#BlackLivesMatter Rochester New York
Photo: Carlos Ortiz

15. Chicago, Illinois

#BlackLivesMatter Chicago
Photo: Chicago Tribune

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