You are brilliant, and not on some self-helpy, abracadabra type stuff. In the same way that your DNA and fingerprints are entirely unique, you posses an aptitude and skill that no one else on the face of the earth has. In that way, you are a legit masterpiece wired with a unique talent that it is your personalized mission to fulfill. That's why you're here

To aid in this pursuit, here are 15 super basic questions that will lead you down the path to uncovering your hidden talent:

1. Are you uncomfortable?

Real housewives of Atlanta awkward real housewives rhoa nene leakes

2. Why am I even doing this?

Really, why are you doing this?

3. Do you get the sense that there is something more for you?

src="" alt="Disney hello aladdin staring daze" width="700" height="420" />

4. What are your patterns?

You know that's not by coincidence, right?

5. Who inspires you?

beyonce mtv vmas chance the rapper surpise omg that was yonce

6. When do you feel your best?

7. What's your hidden talent?

CTPBoston aha epiphany aha moment slow on the uptake
(Photo: CTPBoston)

8. Now what?

9. But what if..?

Lethal Weapon sports basketball lethal weapon lethal weapon fox
Photo: Lethal Weapon

10. Does it make you nervous?

11. What scares you?

community donald nervous donald glover troy barnes

What will people say? What will they think? Will anyone care? What if I fail?

12. It's been done before, you know?

13. What steps can you take?

RuPaul's Drag Race S8 season 8 rupauls drag race bring it on bring it

14. Are weird things starting to happen?

15. Are the dots connecting?

beyonce god is real

The transition into adulthood isn’t an easy one. Navigating relationships, managing workplace politics, hitting those milestones on schedule— don’t be fooled, no one knows what they’re doing. There will be all kinds of fumbles, blunders and awkward missteps along the way. If you’re constantly wondering to yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Welcome. This is just the place for you.

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