OK, sorors. It’s time to talk. I know that Founder’s Day is here and the weave is sewn tightly for hair flipping perfection, the edges are slicked and those natural tresses are moisturized. We know you came to slay. However, apart from celebrations and ivy poses on the plot, I think each Founder’s Day is also a good day for reflection. In honor of another  season of "Being Mary Jane, " and another blessed year of this illustrious organization I have a few pearls to share: 

Quick disclaimer: Gabrielle Union is not a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

1. Yes, you are pretty. 

Now that we got that out of the way, just between us, challenge yourself to also be sisterly. Regardless of your chapter, you are no prettier than the soror next to you. 

2.  Don’t believe your own hype. 

This is difficult. I know. Once again, the yard (depending on where you are) can really get the egos going. But don’t let anyone put you on a pedestal you aren’t afraid to be knocked off of. 

3. Shade is cute…until it’s not. 

You should most certainly stand in your truth, but 99.99 percent of the time it’s also never that serious.

4. History won’t continue to make you relevant. 

Even Beyoncé is always out to outdo herself. In 2017, how will we out do ourselves?

5. Always challenge the status quo. 

Tradition endures, but change is also the key to relevance. Let’s throw programs and organize openly talking around issues pertinent to black women: violence against trans WOC, misogynoir, LGBTQ+ visibility, mental health and etc. 

6. Real love is out there…it just might not be Greek. 

I could go on and on about the slippery slope that is PG 20/20, Phirst Pham, Diggs Love etc., etc. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself if you are looking for love in all the wrong spaces. 

7. Letters do not define your womanhood. 

Care not for the stereotypes and watch the whole world open up. 

8. Be careful about being “discreet” about problems in your community. 

Maybe it’s time we call it out and stop acting like it isn’t our business. And yes, that includes other sorors. 

9. Ask yourself "What would Ethel do?"

Before you push that girl out of your stroll line and start that fight, let’s just take a moment. 

10. Can we keep our pearls on this year? 

I just want to see you flourish. Truly. 

11. As long as the sorors you love and respect, love, and respect you…that’s all you need.

 If they don’t, see the number eight. Also, see number 10. 

12. A PSA to future neos: You don’t have to post your probate

Get a second honest opinion at the last practice. If it doesn’t work out, let’s just not. 

13.  Ignore the rivalry. 

 We all know your best-friend is a Delta! Stop playing.

14. Do what you want and sometimes it is what people “expect.”

Is anyone else tired of listening to being called stuck up? That's just my face. I’m over it if you are. 

15. This. is. your. year.

Eight years later and a Donald Trump election materializes. This country needs black women doing the good work. 

And of course, Happy 109th Founder’s Day to prettiest ladies in the land! Comment with any pearls of wisdom into the new year and tag your line sister(s).