15 Things Black Millennials Should Never Do


Black Millennials
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| January 24 2017,

5:17 pm

It's almost a month into the new year, and 2017 has been off to a pretty good start. However, after the recent inauguration of y'all's new President, Donald Trump, us being in one accord is more necessary than ever. Even though our president is no longer black, our Lambo is still blue, and there are things we still are not gonna do. In light of us still being young, gifted, and black despite the circumstances, I've put together a list of 15 things black millennials should NEVER do (maybe I should have made this list before my girl Chrisette Michele decided to sing at the inauguration, but I'm going to be quiet cause sis already caught enough flack).

1. Be pressed over what ain't yours.

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Always pursue your dreams and fight for what you want. That's actually a quality that I admire in millennials. But if they never reply to your texts, they're just not that into you and you should let it go. Pressed is only cute on you with a curl, boo.

2. Let your non-black friends say the n-word.

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Look, we all love our white friends. However, don't let them say the n-word. If you do let your white friends have a pass for the word, let them know they don't have a universal pass. I mean, you really should feel liable for what happens to them if they get too comfortable and say it around the wrong black people. 

3. Get too wasted on bottomless mimosas at brunch.

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I've seen it happen before, and it's not pretty. We young black professionals love our brunch and our mimosas, but don't get lost in the sauce. We are Bad and Boujee, OK? Let's act accordingly.

4. Let other generations clown us.

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Older people have so many negative things to say about us, but the stats are on our side. Besides shall we bring up the '70s & 80s? Or perhaps Freaknik? Talk about wildin'.

5. Be afraid to shoot your shot.

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You miss every shot you don't take...and you might miss some that you do take, but at least you tried.

6. Expect your white friends to season the same way you do.

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It's honestly usually hit or miss, so just don't get your hopes up.

7. Ask the question "how is Twitter free?"

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It's no secret that Black Twitter is truly what makes Twitter fun. We create the trends, the jokes, and the language all for it to get milked and end up on a Forever 21 t-shirt. Rather than ask how is it free, ask why aren't we getting cut a check?

8. Let your hair become a petting zoo.

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Solange said it best, "Don't touch my hair."

9. Let the culture vultures steal your shine.

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We have been trendsetters for centuries, and somehow every time we create something, the mainstream media gets a hold of it and whitewashes it. Don't let that discourage your creativity. Keep being the bomb and reminding them who did it first.

10. Be loud AND wrong.

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You can be loud and right, even quiet and wrong, but loud and wrong is a no.

11. Eat chicken tenders your whole life.

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Don't get so used to doing the same thing that you become stagnant. Be open to trying new things.

12. Get lost in the sauce.

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"If you ain't got no sauce, then you're lost. But you can also get lost in the sauce." - Gucci Mane.

13. Hate instead of studying.

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One of the best pieces of advice I've received is to "stop hating, and start studying." If someone has something you want, instead of hating on them, study what they did to get it. Then, work 10 times harder.

14. Put "carefree" into a box.

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People in the hood can be carefree black girls and boys too. Before you stick your nose up at them, remember that.

15. Stop being the dope ass people that we are.

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Every day I'm inspired by the beautiful black people of my generation. Everybody doesn't understand us nor do they always appreciate us, but keep being fly.