This week has been, well, one of those weeks.


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Through it all, we must remain resilient. Desite the election outcome and the aftermath that followed, positive vibes only. If you feel yourself slipping into a somber mood, here is a list of 15 things that immediately make us smile. We hope the same for you.

1. A Tribe Called Quest is back with a new LP that drops Friday.


Click here to see the full We Got It From Here … Thank You 4 Your Service track list.

Bonus: Dave Chappelle is hosting SNL with Tribe Called Quest as the special musical guest.

2. @Lilblackbabies on Twitter.

3. Solange finally told people to stop touching our hair.

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4. Miss Shirleen videos.

5. Songs in the key of Auntie Jenifer Lewis

Photo: Instagram

6. Cam Newton memes.

#savage 😂#CamNewton

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7. Her.

8. “Black Panther” is in the works.

Captain America: Civil War

9. This Riley Curry gif.

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This one too.

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Okay, ALL Riley Curry gifs.

riley curry waving
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10. Mary J. Blige dancing.

11. Realizing the heir to the Kardashian throne will be a black woman.

Juju on that beat 😂

A video posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Blac Chyna checked into the hospital early Thursday. The time has come.

12. Posts by “Because of Them We Can” as a powerful reminder of our past and future.

13. This Google image search.


14. The first season of Insecure is availble to watch, totally free.

Photo: HBO

15. This moment.

Hang in there, fam.

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Need some music to keep you pumped? We have a playlist to get you going.

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