1. Stop telling people they talk or act white. Using proper English is not “being white” and no one should be forced to speak in a certain tone in order to be considered black.
  2. Stop chasing after people in relationships. We should never volunteer to be the person on the side. We shouldn’t try to ruin another person’s relationship. There is no honor in stealing someone’s partner.
  3. Stop gun violence. We can’t fight police brutality on one side, and allow stray bullets to hit innocent children on the other side. Arguments shouldn’t be solved with guns.
  4. Stop calling people coons when they point out real problems in the black community. Just because it doesn’t apply to you or you’re in denial doesn’t make the other person a coon.
  5. Pick up a hobby that challenges you intellectually. You can learn a new language, how to code or improve your math skills. I have taken up learning Spanish and Arabic and this has allowed me to meet other people and to learn about their cultures.
  6. Stop policing each other’s hair. If a woman does a twist-out on her hair, she is not trying to mimic other hair textures. If I straighten my hair or wear a wig, I’m not trying to be white.
  7. Black men should stop saying that they only date white women or light-skinned women. A woman is no more classy or beautiful if she has light skin. Learn to respect all women.
  8. Stop blaming black women for abusive relationships. Let’s hold the men accountable for their actions. The victims need support, not to be blamed for being a victim.
  9. Let’s start taking our sexual health more seriously. HIV is a real problem in the black community. I still hear people saying they don’t use condoms. We can’t guarantee that our partners are faithful. The best thing to do is to use dental dams and condoms. We can’t keep emphasizing sexual liberation if we’re not being safe.
  10. Stop judging others based on where they come from. Coming from an affluent neighborhood doesn’t mean that you’re not down with the struggle. On the contrary, coming from the hood doesn’t mean that you’re ignorant.
  11. Start supporting each other’s businesses. Many of us have had bad service from white owned companies. So why do some of us avoid black-owned businesses because we fear they might have poor customer service?
  12. Stop saying you’re “the new black” or that you worked hard. Being successful still involves some level of luck. There are a lot of people who work hard and do not become successful.
  13. Stop tearing each other down. Be happy for those who made it and stop gossiping about others who didn’t.
  14. Don’t encourage others to do wrong. Don’t use the influence you have on others to do something illegal. Be a positive role model and lead your peers to success.
  15. Start working on your projects and passions. Some of us spend so much time saying we will do something, but never do it. Write that book you always talked about or start that business you always dreamed of creating.
  16. Start showing kindness to the people in your community. Stop being so quick to drag people on social media. We will insult people and brag about it, but find it hard to give compliments. We are not each other’s enemy, we are fighting the same battles.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Share them with us in the comments below!