One Kansas City Chiefs player is feeling philanthropic after his team's Super Bowl LIV win on Sunday. 

Defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi made an agreement with a no-kill pet shelter in Kansas City that he would sponsor the adoption of a dog per every game win. Well, after winning the largest game of the year, he found it fitting to pay for the adoptions of all available dogs, reports CBS. 

In September, Nnadi formed a partnership with KC Pet Project.

"We have had an amazing, season-long, partnership with Derrick and he couldn't have thought of a better ending," KC Pet Project wrote in a Facebook post which was then linked to the foundation's website.

Kansas City won over the 49ers 31-20, giving the former its first championship in 50 years, according to the Washington Post. 

"When the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, Derrick reached out wanting to sponsor the adoption fees of ALL of the available dogs at KC Pet Project if they won, when they did, we were so thrilled, not only for the Chiefs win and for our city, but Kansas City’s adopted pets who get to find homes as a result of their victory," KC Pet Project’s Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate told The Post in an email.

Fugate explained the athlete approached the pet shelter about working together, and both parties decided the championship win would be the perfect opportunity to formulate a promotion. Adoption fees are usually $150, and so far the endorsement has proven to be victorious.

The generous football player has also raised funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City and is adamant about helping at-risk youth in his hometown of Virginia Beach.

"Growing up, I’ve always wanted to help out people, in high school, college, I’ve always been around people with that same type of goal. My high school coach, Coach [Chris] Scott, he’s always instilled helping out the community, trying to be a big brother so to speak," Nnadi told WTKR.

The Super Bowl LIV winner's donation comes after he discovered his love for dogs while in college. The 23-year-old's parents weren't too keen on pets, but he wasn't swayed.

"All my life I always wanted a dog, growing up I didn't have a pet, my parents didn't really allow pets," Nnadi told CNN.

Nnadi got his dog, Rocky, during his senior year in college and since then has been determined to help dogs in any way he could. He now owns two dogs.

"When I first got him, he was very timid. It made me think of how other animals, whether they're owned or in a shelter, are feeling scared and alone," the Nigerian-American football player said.

More than 100 dogs will now have the opportunity to find new homes, free of charge to aspiring pet owners.