Alright, I’m gonna warn you now. Take a seat, grab a napkin or a bib and be prepared to salivate and be left hungry, drooling and drying the tears you’ll shed because you can’t have a bite of each of these right now. You thought chicken and waffles were good? Well, you were right, but this is some vamped up chicken and waffle realness. Who could possibly say no to that?

1. Chicken and red velvet waffles. This is like brunch and dessert in one meal and absolutely nothing could be better than that. Nothing.

2. Duck fat and chicken waffles… I mean, really, who is turning away extra fat? Not I.


3. Spicy chicken and waffles with hot sauce, black pepper, syrup AND gravy. If you don’t like your food hot then you can exit now. This is honestly the best sweet and spicy genius-ness I’ve ever heard of.


4. Mix and Match chicken and waffles. Are you really telling me I can choose between a cutlet, legs or wings?! A classic waffle or a sweet potato waffle? Hold up… they have vegan and gingerbread waffles too? Shmears and sauces and drizzles and candied nuts to your hearts desire. Literally everyone is happy. Okay, who am I kidding. Just read their menu, view their gallery and make your reservation. I’m there.


5. When they made it into a sandwich! Portable chicken and waffles? Yes, please. Buttermilk fried chicken and spicy slaw sandwiched between jalapeño cheddar waffles and served with jalapeño maple syrup equals so much yes. (Also, here’s a recipe to make your own chicken & waffle sandwiches #getonmylevel)


6. Chicken and waffle nachos with maple mustard syrup and sriracha. Need I say more? Someone, please make me these ASAP.


7. Drunken Chicken ‘n’ Waffle ravioli. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. This may not be up for any photo awards any time soon, but did you read that description? Literally, get it my belly.


8. This chicken and waffles has everything you need. No you do not need to choose what to have for breakfast. Buttermilk fried chicken, country gravy, bacon and a fried egg on a Belgian waffle. #allinclusive


9. Vegan chicken and waffles. clearly this is the world’s way of saying everyone is meant to have chicken and waffles. Everyone.


10. Fried chicken in a waffle cone. Is this a joke? With mashed potatoes, spicy slaw and jalapeño maple syrup. Someone prepare my grave.


11. Did someone say picnic? How about two fried chicken and waffle sandwiches with whiskey maple syrup, pickled green tomato and watercress on a cheddar cheese waffle. I’ll take that to go please.

12. I am telling you, there has got to be something about breakfast + dessert (breassert?). Tell me that red velvet waffle does not make your mouth water, I dare you.

13. I don’t know what deliciousness is drizzled here, but I’m not even waiting for a fork tbh. Take that knife and dig in. (Chicken and waffles is never a poor decision, stop w these captions pls)

14. Chicken and waffles meets eggs Benedict. This is a test of how many flavors can my mouth handle at once? And to that I say: all of them. Bring it on.

15. Classic-ish. But are those potatoes I spy on there? Either way this looks too heavenly not to include.

16. MINI chicken and waffles. The MORE the merrier. If they are bite sized I can just eat them endlessly, right? Seriously, this is dangerous.

17. Sriracha honey glazed fried chicken with pickled green tomatoes, arugula and bacon maple bourbon country gravy on NY cheddar Guinness waffles. I am breathless.

18. Chicken and waffles with salsa verde and jack cheese. This is like when your two best friends meet each other and they love each other and you get to relish in all that goodness. #mine #mine #mine

19. Chicken and waffles for the five-star dining crowd. Chicken and waffle canapé, foie mousse, lardons and bourbon barrel syrup… if you say so. So long as I can eat it in one bite.


20. Yes, you are seeing that right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is in fact chicken and waffle pizza.


21. Chicken stuffed sweet potato waffle with a fried chicken breast in a nutmeg hot sauce with maple butter. Can you say “wow?” This is everything I want and more. #FEEDME


22. Batterless fried chicken and Ube waffle. The chicken is marinated in smoked paprika, ginger and onion. The waffle batter is made from ube, a cousin to the yam. And it’s all served with coconut syrup and anchovy-bagoong butter. *prospective baes take note*


23. Cheese and buffalo chicken stuffed croissant waffle. WTF. OKAY. ME. PLEASE. YES.


24. Sriracha and maple syrup chicken and waffles. Because sweet and hot and look at that tower, YASSS.


25. Just when you thought buffalo chicken and waffles couldn’t get any better… check this, it does. Sandwich them with mac and cheese waffles and add ranch, pickled habanero and jalapeños.


26. Fried chicken parmesan with basil and a parmesan waffle. Does this count as Italian? Soul food? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? All of the above? I want it always.


27. This place seriously has any combination of waffle and chicken you could never think of. Yes, I said never. Blueberry fried chicken and a blueberry waffle? Check! Black bean-jalapeño waffle with nacho cheese sauce and onion relish? Yep, they’ve got that too. But, alas you can never go wrong with your classic chicken and waffles (and a heaping side of fries).

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