Cultural media platform Cocoa Butter created some buzz on the internet when it recently gave some ex-couples a chance to sit down and reflect on their relationships.

"Toxic Exes Play Truth Or Dare | We’re pairing up exes to play a game of truth or dare. By the end, we'll know if it's a good idea to remain friends with your ex!" the platform stated on social media while sharing a video of the candid conversations.

Despite the caption, the three ex-couples featured in the video didn't actually appear to be toxic. Instead, the participants mostly shared laughter as they reflected on their past.

While their stories varied in some ways, all of the ex-couples said they are trying to maintain a good friendship with each other. One former couple, Anthony and Taja, said they dated for five months. Another duo, Amber and Rah, dated for three years. There was also another pair, Jean-Yves and Sergine, who stayed together for a little more than a year.

The three couples shared what they love about each other as they played a game of Truth or Dare. Part of the game involved exchanging phones for a minute, allowing each person to see what their ex has stored on the device. 

Some of the participants were dared to remove one article of clothing during the game. The couple also asked each other if they ever cheated while they were together, to which they each denied.

When it came to talking about their regrets, Jean-Yves said he regrets some of the arguments he had with his partner. Sergine said she regrets the time where she didn't pour a drink on her partner when he appeared to be flirting with another woman. 

The game continued with the players daring each other to post a photo of their ex on social media. At one point during the game, the participants picked up a card that dared them to "moan" their ex's name, but they all bashfully declined.  

Then came a prompt that dared the couples to rate their ex's performance in bed. Taja said she and her ex-boo never had sex, so she gave him a 10/10. Jean-Yves and Sergine also agreed on a 10. Rah, however, gave his ex an 8. 

When they were dared to call a friend and announce that they are back together, Rah skipped the challenge. Jean-Yves and Sergine called a friend who said he didn't know they broke up. Anthony's friend approved the news. 

The game also dared the players to share a kiss. Jean-Yves and Sergine kissed on the cheek while Anthony kissed his ex's hand. Amber and Rah kissed on the lips. 

Despite the pairs seeming rather friendly with each other, some of them admitted to simply not being ready for marriage. Jean-Yves and Sergine broke up due to a conflicting schedule. Anthony and Taja, however, said they realized that they are better off as friends.

In the end, none of the couples confirmed that they want to get back together.