We often get so caught up in wanting to go to a destination that we don't care who goes with as long as we have someone to go with. If you're somewhat like me, you can pretty much get along with almost anyone, so you may not mind hopping on a trip with someone you're not close to. I have joined my fair share of trips with random acquaintances, and even took a trip or 2 solo. For the most part I enjoy traveling with someone else, however, I've learned that if we are going to be around one another for 3+ days then there are a few important traits we both have to share so we don't end up hating each other by the time we get home.

1. We share some similar travel interests

I am not the same person on vacation as I am at home. Back home, I am a certified homebody for the most part. I typically don't party that often- its mostly work, eat, and sleep for me. When I'm on vacation, it's a whole different living my best life version of me. Do I want to start drinking at breakfast and stop at some point to take a nap on the beach? Yes! I set an alarm every day for work, but on vacation, I wake up whenever my body decides it is fully rested. I don't want to necessarily go on a trip with someone who wants to get up at 6:00 am to watch the sunrise, especially when we didn't go to sleep until 4. Now, you don't have to share all the same interests, just make sure that you know your pet peeves ahead of time and you all can establish what's going to fly and what's not on your trip. Remember what I said earlier, I am not the same person on vacation as I am at home, so don't count anyone out just because they may be strictly business on the day-day. 

2. Your money has to be right


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I don't care how much is in your bank account, just make sure you have enough for the trip. When we first discuss where we are going, we should mutually agree on a budget for the trip. Traveling is actually fairly inexpensive if you budget the right way.  We should mutually agree on a figure and save that amount before the trip. People hate discussing money because they feel like it's an invasion of privacy. Listen, check on sis and make sure her coins are right BEFORE you reach your destination. If we agreed on $350 and you show up with $200 then that means we will have to cut costs somewhere which isn't fair to the other companions joining you. Pre-booking activities helps with this a lot too. Book one excursion at a time leading up to your trip, that way all you only have to bring money for food, shopping, and emergencies.

3. Doing it for the culture, or?

This can vary depending on where you plan to go, but I need to know if you're going to act elite the whole time or if you're down with the culture of our destination. If we decide to go to the Bahamas, then I would expect to do a lot of relaxing, partying, and drinking. On the other hand, if we plan a trip to Cuba, my expectations are going to be that we will be doing more historical tours, staying in a not so luxurious hotel, and embracing the culture. My travel partner should have the same expectations as well. Don't get to Cuba and start complaining that it's hot and everywhere doesn't have A/C, or that you don't have wifi everywhere you go. If experiences like Cuba aren't your thing that's okay. We can plan something that we will both enjoy.

All in all, no one is going to be exactly like you in every way, the point here is not to find your exact match, but at least find someone on the same wavelength. 

Explore Together.