3 Things Your Black-Owned Business Can Do To Tap In To The Power Of Black Customers

Black customers are enough.

Punkyflair Client Heat Free Hair Spring Campaign
Photo Credit: Photo: Heat Free Hair

| May 25 2018,

1:33 pm

I remain in a state of shock about the number of black entrepreneurs who deny, mask, and ignore the black customer.

As a brand storyteller to startups, I’m consistently confronted with challenges on how to grow a business with limited resources and virtually everything at stake. My clients, mostly black women and male entrepreneurs, want to bring their story to life in a way that communicates their vision and attracts their ideal customer. They, like you and like all entrepreneurs, want to build iconic, profitable, and meaningful brands that will last forever.

This begins with understanding who your customer is and tailoring all of your marketing to them.

“Am I limiting myself by marketing to just one group of people?”

“I don’t want to stifle my growth by only using Black models in our marketing.”

And worst of all, “This is just too Black. " 

But does $1.1 trillion in Black buying power sound limiting to you?

Don’t misunderstand my thinking - every business created by a black person does not solely serve black people. But if you are black and have black people buying from you, it’s time to build your brand on the very blackness that fuels your business.

Here are 3 things black brands with black customers can do to harness the buying power of a $1.1 trillion market with success and an edge of unapologetic-ness.

1. Know Your People

2.  Make Your Mission Clear

You know your people, now make your mission clear. Here’s where being unapologetic comes into play. Your message should explicitly state what your brand has to offer and exactly who it’s for. Yes, that means replacing that racially ambiguous model with a bold and beautiful black face on your website. That also means letting the world know that while your brand may appeal to others, it was created to serve Black. A new and popular lifestyle startup BLK + GRN does an amazing job of this by making things clear in their brand description on their homepage: “An All-Natural Marketplace By All Black Artisans.”

Be explicit, be unapologetic, and let the world know who you’re really here for. It doesn’t mean that others won’t buy from you; it just means that the people you created your brand to serve will know that you are for them.

3. Stop Marketing. Start Storytelling

Heat Free Hair, a brand that offers 100% virgin hair extensions exclusively for natural textures, does a great job of storytelling on their “Why Us” page with “10 Beautiful Beliefs About The Hair, Our People, and Your Journey.”

The success of any business is all about how well you can package up your purpose into a story that speaks directly and unapologetically to your audience.