Last weekend's Oscar win made Viola Davis the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award. The Oscar's also paid tribute to Katherine Johnson, whose life was inspired by the film, Hidden Figures

With glow-ups like this, 2017 is proving that black girl magic is here to stay. But how does the black girl living from day to day find her magic within?

Inspired by Malena Crawford, author of "A Fistful of Honey", here are three ways you can reawaken the black girl magic inside of you.

Heal Your Life

Since the beginning of time, black women have been the epitome of strength, light, and survival. But black women also take on a lot, often pushing past their own fears for the sake of family, children and loved ones and never taking time to acknowledge our own pain and our own need for healing. 

This can stifle potential and growth. You are not broken, stuck, or forgotten. Stop hiding and overcome your past -- it is behind you, not apart of you. Your circumstances do not dictate who you are and have no bearing on who you can become.

Get Connected

In order to truly heal and remain in your healing, you must get connected to God and experience a new awakening spiritually. It is also important to surround yourself with like-minded women who have aspirations of being greater and doing greater in their own lives.

Building your own personal community will help empower and strengthen you at times when you need it most and encourage you along your journey

Embrace Your Story and Walk Into Your Destiny

Your past was simply the curriculum and training that helped to develop the woman that you are today. Your past is really just a series of facts, only you can decide if they are the truth of who you are. Embrace your story to redesign your future. You are a miracle for everything you have overcome and for everything you have learned. Now it's time to redefine your story, create your freedom, live your very best life, and become the woman you were born to be, creating black girl magic every step of the way.

Malena overcame her struggles and fears through faith and vowing to help heal other women along the way. Her debut novel "A Fistful of Honey",  is a battle cry of our times, addressing black women's divinity, healing, and elevation --all keys to human survival. Crawford's personal story of redemption from homelessness and abuse is immersed in this beautifully written fantasy fiction. 

All of us can tap into the magic that lies within, it's just a matter of seeing it.