Fashion is a means of self-expression. Clothing conveys meaning. A wardrobe can express a person's style, emotional state or life philosophy. In many cultures, clothing is also a formal marker of gender and certain styles are restricted to women or men. When the traditional fashion rules don't allow for authentic self-expression, people ignore the rules.
Photo: Happenings
Photo: Happenings
Androgynous tomboys and those in genderqueer communities have been making their own rules for a while now, and the fashion industry is finally starting to catch up. More designers are using androgynous models on the runways. Zara just launched a unisex clothing line, and Kirrin Finch's successful Kickstarter campaign proves that folks are willing to invest in menswear-inspired clothing designed for women

Interested in joining the revolution? If the traditional 'women's' section doesn't offer you enough variety, try one of these menswear-inspired looks:


I'm currently in love with female tuxes

Janelle Monae
Photo: Marc Baptiste/ Atlantic Records
You don't have to be Janelle Monáe to pull off this simple yet elegant look. Stick with the basic black and white or mix it up with light-colored solids

Pair with heels for a feminine touch, or stick with flats for a more androgynous look


Start-up Kirrin Finch designs shirts with a menswear aesthetic that are specially made to fit female bodies. Say goodbye to that annoying gaping boob button! Pair one with shorts, skirts, or cropped pants in spring

Photo: Tumblr
Pair with a jacket and bowtie for a complete, stylish look. Saint Harridan offers a full line of shirts, outerwear and accessories that work well for female-bodied individuals


Cardigans are a year-round staple and offer a simple way to incorporate androgynous fashion into your everyday wardrobe. And lightweight wool cardigans from gender-neutral clothier CharlieBoy fit nicely into an early spring wardrobe

Swim trunks 

Yes, gender-neutral swimwear is a thing. And I'm totally here for it

Outplay offers both full coverage and minimum coverage options for those who aren't keen on traditional swimsuits and bikinis. Target also offers rash guards, board shorts and swim trunks in their men's sections that would work for androgynous swimwear as well

Photo: Target
Photo: Target
Check out DapperQ for an extensive store guide and more styling tips

How do you break gender norms with your fashion? Let us know in the comments below!

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