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Cutting carbs? Try these oven-baked cheesy green bean fries

If your Facebook news feed looks anything like mine, then you've noticed the takeover of viral recipe and cooking videos in the past year or so. At first, I thought, "maybe they'll go away once people realize Pinterest is still a thing," but alas, the onslaught of 'No-Bake Cherry Oreo Coconut Brownie Cookies' and 'Crock Pot Salmon Cheerio Pasta' videos are here to stay. I usually ignore...

#TBT: Kendrick Lamar speaks on depression and suicidal thoughts

Last spring, Kendrick Lamar spoke to MTV about the depression and suicidal thoughts and personal trials that inspired the track "u" on his album, To Pimp a Butterfly . He discussed feelings of powerlessness when unable to help family and friends, and his experience grieving the deaths of friends he'd lost in Compton. Watch this video as he speaks about using both the positive...

5 myths about people who attempt suicide

Twitter was ablaze this morning upon hearing about 20-year-old R&B singer Kehlani’s recent suicide attempt. Some poured out heartfelt well wishes and support. man. just heard about kehlani. one of the nicest people ever. i wish good energy and strength for her life. — Questlove Gomez (@questlove) March 29, 2016 Suicidal thoughts and ideations are NOT a joke. That mental...