With powerhouse celebrities like Lil Nas X,
Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Yara Shahidi taking the baton as innovative modern-day activists, 20-somethings lead the fight against racial injustice, climate change awareness, highlighting mental health and dismantling the system. 

Young influencers and TikTokers have started raising their voice with an unashamed deconstruction of traditional religion, and an examination of all the ways it hasn't served them. Not finding solace in organized religion has led some to create their own spiritual healing practices and to places like TikTok to hold their own versions of "church."

Thus, #SpiritualTikTok was born.

New Age spirituality typically adopts holistic beliefs around divinity that inspire all of the universes. New Age practices involve yoga, tarot, manifesting, rituals, meditation, reiki, affirmations, crystals, astrology and numerology.

With so many spiritualists in the TikTok game, here are just a few we love and highly advise following to get your chakras aligned.