We’re going into year two of this new normal caused by the 2020 COVID-19
pandemic. While things certainly looked bleak during its onset, 2022 is a bit of a gray area. The rollout of vaccines, in addition to the softening of quarantine restrictions, has allowed a few glimmers of hope for some; but for many, there stands a fine line. That line happens to be between people who are proponents of vaccinations and those who are not. What has made the conversation around this sensitive subject more interesting is which side of the fence our dear and beloved celebrities fall on. Just last year, we saw some of our faves prove their vaccine status at the Met Gala as the swanky ball required attendees to be vaccinated. And a few days ago, we saw Andrea Bordeaux of Run the World allege that she was dismissed due to the vaccine mandate that Lionsgate Television has implemented. Unsurprisingly, Bordeaux isn’t the only celebrity to speak out against the vaccine. 

From Offset to Wendy Williams, check out this list of five public figures who have voiced concerns over the COVID-19 vaccine.