With the rise of attacks against Asian Americans, likely in part, stoked by the xenophobia remarks of former President Donald Trump, a discussion has ignited the need for Black people to display solidarity with other communities.

Asian Americans have long experienced economical and political barriers, and the community's fight for justice has often been aligned with that of the Black community as they grapple with being minorities in the U.S. The juxtaposing of the two communities in their current fight for social justice overshadows the numerous occasions over the centuries Black people have not only shown up for others but how our needs continue to be obscured and obliterated by larger movements. 

Since the 1700s, with very little rights and freedom as U.S. citizens, the Black community has continuously stood on the battleground with others, inspiring future movements and aiding in the passing of monumental legislations.

Here are five times the Black community showed up and out for others.