Last year, Republicans attempted to use fear mongering to drum up support by condemning Black Lives Matter and the movement to Defund the Police. This year, they’ve moved on to targeting a new anti-racist boogeyman: critical race theory (CRT), the academic and legal theory that examines American institutions in light of the inherent racism built into the country’s foundation.

Emulating former President Donald Trump’s tactic of blatantly lying about things he doesn’t understand, conservative politicians and pundits have not only condemned CRT but are actively banning the theory from being taught in schools, as part of a larger effort to outlaw educators from actually teaching about the country’s history of racism. Fox News has been fanning the flames of the fake outrage, mentioning critical race theory well over 1,000 times since March.

While it’s hard to isolate the very worst of the bad conservative takes on CRT, we will dig through five that really take the cake — whether that cake is vanilla or chocolate, we don’t know, because mentioning that might be triggering to our good old friends in the GOP.