Prince William and Kate Middleton recently completed a royal trip to several Caribbean nations in honor of William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who is celebrating 70 years on the royal throne. As Blavity previously reported, the British royal family has faced accusations of racism, including in its treatment of Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. Such baggage, therefore, followed Harry’s brother, William, as he and his wife Kate set out on a tour of the Caribbean. The royal couple visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, three members of the British Commonwealth — a loose collection of countries, mainly former colonies of Britain, that maintain relationships with the UK. As Blavity previously reported, Commonwealth member Barbados recently stopped recognizing Queen Elizabeth as its head of state, a move that represents Commonwealth countries rethinking their relationship with Britain. The recent royal visit was intended to help solidify Britain’s Commonwealth relationships, but things did not always go according to plan on the much-talked-about trip. As people continue to discuss William and Kate’s Caribbean tour, here are five surprises, mistakes and cringe-worthy moments from the royal trip.