Brother and sister relationships can develop into one of the strongest bonds in a family dynamic.

Kazeem Oldele, 5, and his sister, 3-year-old Grace, are more than siblings ⁠— they’re best friends! Their close friendship has warmed the hearts of many on social media after their mother shared an adorable video of the young boy speaking positive affirmations to his sister every morning, Meaww reported.

The Ohioian siblings usually greet each other every morning, with the preschooler lovingly telling his little sister, “You’re beautiful.” The children’s mother, Miracle Monette Oldele, shared the heartwarming exchange on the TikTok account she created for them and gained 150,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.

On Wednesday, ABC’s Good Morning America shared a series of clips featuring the duo, including the adorable “You’re beautiful, Grace”clip that had many users gushing over the cuteness overload. 

“This brother and sister have the cutest friendship,” GMA wrote in the caption of the post. 


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The post received over 2,700 likes, with many Instagram users admiring the children’s close relationship.

“This is sweet that I’m about to cry💗,” one user wrote.

“Aww…Hopefully, they will continue to have this sweet bond❤️,” another added.

“They’re awesome. Very sweet,” a third user wrote.

Miracle also has a large following on her Instagram account. She has nearly 13,000 posts showing off Kazeem and Grace in some of their most adorable moments together.

In addition to speaking life into his sister, Kazeem also reads to her at night before they go to bed. Their mother shared a clip of the two sharing a bedtime story and captioned the post, “Bedtime Story with Kazeem and Grace ❤️❤️.”

On their TikTok page, Miracle also posted a compilation video of the siblings’ adorable moments. “Kazeem and Grace are siblings and best friends,” the video’s caption read.