One of Instagram’s biggest trolls has been ousted. 

As of Thursday afternoon, hip-hop mogul 50 Cent is officially IG-less and does not appear on the platform’s search results. The Source reports that the producer of Power has been tight-lipped about being kicked off the social media platform and has since taken his trolling talents to the Twitter streets. 

While his wild antics have kept his name in headlines, it’s probably best that the G-Unit head honcho’s account was snatched away after his relentless bullying of fellow celebrities. 

From being the petty ringleader in his ongoing beef with Ja Rule to taking shots at his own Power co-star, Naturi Naughton, 50’s reputation as a troll nearly supersedes his musical prowess. 

Earlier this month, 50 apologized to the former 3LW member after making harsh comments about her hairline on Instagram. 

“He knew what he did was shady and apologized for it,” Naughton told Page Six.  “He realized it wasn’t the nicest thing to do. I accepted his apology, I’ve moved on.”

However, it didn’t take long for the mogul to revert back to his reckless ways. On Wednesday, he shared a meme of Naughton on his Twitter account. 

The day before his account was disabled, 50 targeted his trolling behavior toward fellow rapper Nelly and his longtime girlfriend, Shantel Jackson. Jackson is the ex-girlfriend of 50’s rival and famed boxer Floyd Mayweather. 

“Fly s**t, nelly, you stole champ b***h he just mad at me, that little n***a hate you. LOL,” 50 commented.

Neither Nelly nor Jackson responded to the Queens rapper’s comments. 

Other targets of 50’s Instagram tirades this year have included Tank, Kanye West, and T.I.