If you are a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), you might be familiar with Bianca Belair, the EST of the WWE. However, Belair has not always been the confident, fascinating showstopper she is known for being today.

During an interview with WWE UK in 2020, Belair explained what her nickname, “EST,” means in a world of greats.

“The ‘EST of WWE’ it just means that I am a hybrid athlete. So, I’m the strongEST, I’m the fastEST, the quickEST, the roughEST, the greatEST, the smartEST, I’m the bEST,” Belair said. “All those ends in EST. So, I just see myself as being the absolute best in every single area that you can think of.”

Born Bianca Nicole Blair, she started as a track and field star and powerlifter headed to high places. Pressure to be great led to depression, bulimia and a condition that could end her career.

One message from a WWE legend, who saw her greatness, introduced her to the wonderful world of wrestling; which led Blair to meet her husband, WWE wrestler Montez Crawford and the opportunity to be the first Black woman to headline WrestleMania.

As Belair prepares to face Becky Lynch on Saturday, at WrestleMania, she hopes to become the 2x WWE Women’s Champion. Last year marked her first title win.

Here are six things to know about the EST of the WWE.