Small businesses find themselves poised to embrace a new digital reality. This past year has shown how our ways of traditional marketing must change, but it’s also highlighted how resilient we can be in the face of unprecedented times. And there’s no going back now. For Black- and Latinx & Hispanic-owned businesses especially, whether established or up-and-coming, now’s the time to embrace new and expanded markets while bringing their businesses online. 

As small businesses look to meet this critical moment, how can they position themselves for ultimate success? Facebook Elevate is here to help. Beyond providing a wealth of free educational training and resources, Elevate offers the fundamentals and resources that, in its own words, “help Black and Latinx & Hispanic business owners and communities realize their own unique visions of success.” 

In an increasingly digital world, Facebook Elevate wants to help small businesses get to the next level. Originally started in 2018 by a passionate group of Black and Latinx & Hispanic Facebook employees, Elevate sought to create a community and collect resources for small business owners of color looking to reach new heights. 

If you’re a small business owner facing the new normal on the economic horizon, take on this new opportunity by leveling up your marketing strategy in a few crucial ways.

1. Chart a clear course for your business.

With so many challenges facing businesses as they move online, it’s essential to create a plan for how your business will navigate the digital marketplace. From targeted ads to constantly evolving algorithms, it can be challenging to keep your business positioned to reach and service your customers in a competitive market. One thing is clear: a solid digital marketing strategy may be an important contributor to success. Facebook Elevate offers a step-by-step guide for a free, personalized marketing plan to help business owners build a roadmap to long-term success and visibility online.  

2. Expand your digital marketing capabilities.

There’s no getting around it. Digital marketing is critical for most businesses, especially now. If you’re looking to best position your business in a highly competitive market, using Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook’s marketing tools can be a vital resource. But there’s no shame in not knowing how or where to start! Elevate Mentorship Circles are specifically designed to address the needs of Black and Latinx & Hispanic business owners by partnering them with a dedicated mentor. These mentors will work with you to ensure you have the Facebook tools you need to continue growing in the digital marketplace. With their help, you can expect to advance your digital marketing capabilities and build your expertise on Facebook Ads Manager and other relevant Facebook products.

3. Optimize your performance marketing strategy.

With a wide variety of free educational resources, there are plenty of paths to learning about digital marketing fundamentals. Take advantage of Elevate’s Office Hours and connect with certified digital marketing professionals who can provide insights and personalized support if you need help getting on track. Also, with a rapidly expanding catalog of training courses, it’s easy to learn more about virtually any marketing service Facebook offers, from Ad Manager to essentials like building brand objectives for your business.

4. Expand your professional network.

Sometimes the most powerful tool businesses have is their network. Getting connected with other like-minded professionals who are taking a similar journey can create the perfect opportunity to problem-solve, build community and generate solutions. For small businesses helmed by people of color, community is even more critical. Whether you need coaching or just a place to share experiences with a network of business owners just like you, tap into your resources to hear their stories, share your perspective and elevate your opportunities for success. 

5. Join the discussion.

There is something pretty powerful about connecting with professionals and experts who have walked in your shoes and faced some of the same professional challenges. With Elevate Live, you have access to custom content that puts you in the front seat to be a part of the discussion with seasoned experts who can give you insights and strategies that keep the focus on you and your business needs. Connect with other Black and Latinx professionals and get in on the conversation. 

6. Elevate your opportunities.

It’s never too late in the game to expand your business and command an even better position in the market. If you’re already established on Facebook Business Manager and actively advertising on Facebook, now there’s another way to take your business to the next level. With Elevate’s Advanced Access Program, you can apply for the advanced support you need to make sure the digital marketing moves you make will be helpful for your business. Get personalized support and arm yourself with the best tools and solutions you’ll need to create long-term success for your business.

Learn more about Elevate, and level up your business, here.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Facebook Elevate.