Coming out isn’t easy and it can be even more complicated for those living under the limelight. Around the world, people are finding ways to live in their skin unapologetically and raise their voices to share their sexuality.

National Coming Out Day, a day that began in 1988 to support those in the LGBTQ+ "coming out of the closet" is celebrated annually on Oct. 11. Some of Hollywood's brightest stars have been outspoken about their sexualities, especially celebrities of color. Each star has put on a brave face, lending their voices to inspire, educate, and entertain within the Black community. Being Black comes with its own rule book when living in America but, it’s an added pressure to be both Black and queer.

By keeping it real, these eight individuals have inspired their community to embrace their identities and create safe spaces of acceptance, love, and inclusion. Check out the stories of these 7 young celebrities who recently "came out."