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Melanated women and men everywhere all want to "shine bright like a diamond,” in the most literal sense possible. But it's extremely hard to look our best and feel good about our skin when we have products that contain toxins, parabens and so much more. The statement “less is more” is definitely important when it comes to having healthy radiant skin.

We see bloggers, influencers and celebs promoting the things that worked to give them “the glow,” but let's keep in mind all things don’t gel the same results for every person. From dry to oily, to combination skin, when you're dealing with natural products the desire for blemish-free skin is literally within arms reach. You just have to know how to find them.

The search for the “right” products can be a struggle, especially if you’re buying from a department or drug store. Not only are you limited in selection, but limited in the quality of products offered to enhance melanated skin for both women and men. Instagram has made It easy for independent beauty brands to rise to success. It doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore when it comes to finding great products that work well on Black and brown skin.

These top skincare lines are changing the dynamic with a variety of different skin concerns they all separately cater to.