As the holidays rapidly approach, you are likely making your list and checking it twice for gifts for your family, friends and/or bae(s). It's hard to buy the right thing for that special person, especially when it seems like they have everything. But fret not! They don't!

Whether your budget is balling like Diddy, or you are "fine and frugal," here are seven ideas to ensure that you are crowned supreme gift giver and your loved ones have the best #LITmas ever!

1. Subscription Box

Gifting a year subscription box is a great way to give the gift that keeps on giving, and to introduce loved ones to new products or brands. Check out black-owned box subscription companies such as Dapper Black Box for the gentleman in your life, or CurlBox for the natural hair guru.

2. Home Goods

A lot of our friends are buying real estate, moving or expanding their current living situation. A lot of the time they don't notice they're missing something until they actually need it. How about a wi-fi enabled Crockpot for the friend who likes technology and cooking? Charcuterie set or Electric Wine Bottle opener for the entertainer? Wireless vacuum for the new home-owner? A custom piece of art can be a great surprise for someone. Check out Chicago-based artist J.A. Medcalf.

3. Career-Focused 

Have an ambitious dreamer in your life or someone trying to figure it out? Passion planners are great for keeping track of dates and deadlines, short and long-term goal trackers, etc. You can also customize them to make it extra special. For the friend that may need a little extra help, or just starting out, The Brand U Workbook by Brandon Miller is an in-depth workbook to help people develop their careers and embrace their greatness. Regardless of it that goal is a traditional career path or entrepreneurship, a great portfolio bag can set the tone for a meeting.

4. Travel Gear

One of the best gifts to buy a new college graduate is a passport. It can be the jumpstart your younger sibling or family member's need to explore the world. Wrap the application up and do it with them, as well as pay for their picture and application fee. If you have a more experienced traveler, nice luggage and travel accessories never go out of style, just like this Rose Gold luggage set. For the more woke, take a peek at black-owned company Kingdom of Mel for their waterproof duffle bags, or We Go Too for this super cute passport holder. You may want to consider gifting your favorite traveler miles on their preferred airline. Trust me, they will get used.

5. Investments

Starting a business? Blog? Product? New career? If you've done it before, you know it can get costly, so all the help is needed. Purchase a domain and website via Squarespace or Wordpress. Start a business bank account for them, or even help with the cost of a trademark, incorporation or publishing fee. Purchasing stocks are also great gifts that can yield a greater return down the road.

6. Technology

Useful gadgets are always great gifts, especially when they can be found to fit an array of budgets. Portable or wireless chargers are perfect for grab bags or stocking stuffers. Grab a pair of North Face ETIP gloves for the busy friend on-the-go to keep their hands warm. A portable record player gifted with some of their favorite albums on vinyl can be perfect for the music lover. Drones have been big over the past year and the price on this Holy Stone won't break the bank. If you want to ball all the way out, check out the 911 Speaker by Porsche Designs.

7. Apparel

At least one of your friends is probably in the gym, or trying to get back to it. What a great time to gift workout clothing from Nike, Reebok, Ivy Park or Adidas! While shopping at the big brands, don't leave black-owned fitness clothing brands YEMA or Glamourina out. Get a gift card to a yoga class and do an outing with your friend! If you want to upgrade the man in your life Beyoncé style, Franklin & Anthony has you covered