Pay close enough attention and a good inspirational word can be derived from just about any situation — just ask my good sis, Dr. Lori Croom Jasper. In addition to serving the patients of her Birmingham, Alabama based eye care clinic, the ophthalmologist also provides spiritual insights to her loyal congregation of Instagram followers.

The Spellman alumnae first rose to Insta-fame after delivering this power-packed message from the book of Boosie.

Don't you EVER count God out! Thank you @eyeslor! This blessed me.

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Since then, the ministry of the self-proclaimed "Wipe Me Down Preacher" has taken flight as she's honed her ability to discern timely and practical words of wisdom from the lyrics of your favorite hip-hop classics.

If your spirit is in need of a word today, prepare to receive these seven power-packed Insta-sermons, brought to you by Dr. Lori Croom Jasper.

1. "Back That Thang Up" back to a time when you were faithful in the Lord.

2. “Swerve On Em”…and dodge those generational curses that have you bound. Amen?

3. When the Notorious G.O.D. pours out a blessing that is too "Juicy" to be contained.

4. Sometimes you just have to testify to the goodness of the Lord.


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5. This word was inspired by the trillest prophetess, Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

6. “Knuck If You Buck” It’s time you let the enemy know, enough is enough.

7. Reverend Dr. Dre was trying to tell y’all, "Ain't Nuthin but a G Thang"…  A God thing, baby.

If you’re open to digesting inspiration in all its many forms, let Dr. Lori Croom Jasper bless your IG timeline with a word. #MyGodToday