This year, #SpiritDay is making an even bigger impact through people everywhere sharing across social media images and messages of support for LGBTQ youth who have been bullied.

Spirit Day, which was started by GLAAD, is an anti-bullying campaign that shows celebrities, schools, faith institutions, sports teams and so much more wearing purple or going purple online in a united stand against bullying and in support of LGBTQ youth.

According to the National School Climate Survey by GLSEN, over 85 percent of LGBTQ students have experienced at least verbal harassment in school, and more than 50 percent of students surveyed have stayed silent about their bullying experiences because they doubted intervention would take place. 

For many LGBTQ youth, a lot of their perceptions of personal identity stem from the criticism they receive for being queer. This is why messages of positivity and examples of advocacy and solidarity are important now more than ever.

Practicing daily affirmations are necessary. It can build confidence and self-esteem, making it harder to be swayed by harsh criticism and bullying. And while we must teach others how to treat us, we must also know how to treat ourselves.

Here are seven affirmations to practice everyday to build a better you:  

1. Life

“My life matters. My life has value. I serve significant purpose to both myself and those around me. I will continue to find joy in everything life has to offer.”

2. Healing

“I will take the time and space necessary to heal. Though I’ve been hurt, the pain I’ve endured does not define me. What defines me is my ability to persevere. I always can and I always will.”

3. Sunlight

“I am a light for myself and others. My story will inspire those who have been hurt to shine. I will be an example for others who need it. I will no longer stay hidden.”

4. Nature

“I am blessed to experience and interact with my surroundings. I will draw inspiration from the world around me and pay it back twofold.”

5. Serenity

“My peace belongs to me. It is mine to keep and mine to protect. Negativity holds no place in space of peace.”

6. Harmony

“My head and heart are in perfect accordance with one another. Balance is what I aim to obtain and maintain.”

7. Spirit

“I make decisions for the highest good of me. I am patient with the process of my spirit’s growth. Though constantly changing, though constantly evolving, I am undoubtedly free.”