We’ve already talked about the importance of developing relationship goals for ourselves. Although, if you’re single, sometimes it feels impossible to figure out how to make your solitude enjoyable. I’m here to tell you, all things are possible with a little bit of effort!

Here are 7 ways to enjoy your alone time:

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1. Travel

Many people are afraid to travel alone, due to the dangers of wandering in a foreign land, domestically or abroad. Not having someone to help punch out the phantom mugger that we all fear is going get us can be discouraging. But have you ever considered that you’re probably going somewhere foreign by yourself at least once a week? It could be that restaurant that you wanted to try after your homegirl told you that it served the best sangria. Or because your homeboy came with the illest lineup, you decided to drive the extra 30 minutes to his barber to level up on your fade game. Traveling outside of your comfort zone or out of the country is just taking it to the next level. Take a leap!

Travel Resources:

TravelByKeren: Keren Osman has just started a company aimed at providing those who want to make the leap to travel alone with resources and tips to create the grandest experiences. Using her own travel study and personal experience, Keren can help you take that jaunt to the country you’ve been admiring in pictures.

The Flight Deal: This is a great daily newsletter that sends everyone on the mailing list a page of either fleeting or less visible flight deals, mostly out of the country. It’s a good reminder to travel, and a great resource for the spontaneous traveler.

2. Read

One of my best friends calls playing video games “interactive reading,” which I find hilarious. No shade to his fellow gamers, but there’s nothing like getting lost in a sci-fi novel or an engrossing biography. Reading helps us build our imaginations in a way that playing video games or watching television simply can’t. By removing the overly accessible visuals, we’re challenged to take the words that we see and create worlds in our minds.

Cool books I recommend:

Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire

3. Pamper yourself

Everyone loves to be pampered, but not everyone has the cash for regular massages or spa days. What better way to enjoy some peace and quiet than to pamper yourself for yourself! Don’t sleep on upping your mani-pedi game and saving yourself that $30-50 every two weeks.

Here’s a cool DIY spa kit to check out!

4. Work out

I’ll be honest: I didn’t even want to add this one to the list because when I think of working out, the initial feeling I get is the opposite of enjoyable. Especially alone. If you’re like me, you may have to be creative with how you decide to sweat. Personally, I like to infuse meditation or nature into my workout to avoid feeling like it’s a punishment. Swimming feels therapeutic and hiking feels like I’m giving my lungs a treat with some clean, fresh air.

Check out the free entrance days for your state parks!

5. Make a vision board

For me, this is a focused exercise that started when I realized I had no friends to spend New Year’s Eve with. Either folks were broke, with their significant other or spending what seemed like a gazillion dollars on what I was sure would be some of the lamest parties of all time. I decided that instead of wasting my money or sleeping to bring in the new year, I would bring it in focusing on what I wanted to accomplish personally, professionally, and emotionally in the next year. The first year I did it was such an amazing experience that I spent the next two New Year’s Eves creating vision boards by myself, even though my social circumstances had improved. It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve for you to take a moment to recalibrate and zone in on your goals. Vision boards are a reminder of our desires and priorities for becoming our highest selves.

6. Catch up on the news

Now that we’ve all apparently gotten in “Formation,” suggested therapists for Kanye, and officially made Morgan Freeman our GPS voice, do we know what’s going on in the world of global politics? Have we researched the local laws, measures and local governmental candidates that will be on the ballot in our upcoming elections? Although social media often skews our perceptions into believing that the frills are actually of great importance, it’s still necessary that we keep up on the parts of society that might seem far away, but actually affect our day-to-day lives.

Here’s a list of the most and least trusted news outlets in America.

7. Daydream

This one’s for the inner child in all of us! Yes, we’re grown, but sometimes it’s nice to lie in the grass, stare at the sky and daydream about everything from the life you most desired to the non-sensical things that make us laugh. Daydreaming can also be a form of meditation: Unplug, unwind and let your mind roam freely.

Ultimately, being alone doesn’t have to be a negative thing. A favorite quote of mine is: “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude,” by Warsaw Shire.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time alone? Let’s get the conversation going!

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