Black creatives are the gift that keeps on giving. From journalism to YouTube, Black creativity is not only something that has sustained the world we live in but made it brighter in the process. During a time when there’s an abundance of negativity trying its best to kill our hope, let’s ensure we give our flowers to those who help us with that. To simply exist in the world as a Black person is exhausting, but to create as well? That’s a feat that’s impressive all on its own.

Whether the world catches on to our creativity doesn’t matter as long as we continue to uplift and elevate our community members. Black creatives shine a light on this world even when undeserving, and for that, they deserve our utmost praise. Check out our list of eight Black creatives that we’re rooting for.

1. Jessica Taylor


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Jessica Taylor is a digital creator, YouTube personality and an advocate for the queer community. Jessica rose to prominence through the creation of her vlog series JessicaTayVlogs, in which she took viewers on her life’s journey through college and adulthood.

2. Shanelle Genai


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Shanelle Genai is an entertainment writer for The Root, where she’s interviewed some of our favorite celebrities, from Samuel L. Jackson to SiR. She recently founded and organized Thee Media Mavens x ESSENCE Fest Takeover for Black women in media to convene with each other at this year’s ESSENCE Festival of Culture.

3. Randy Buffington

Randy Buffington is a content creator for USA Today, notably for the High School Sports Awards vertical. While Randy’s on-air presence is impressive, his versatility is, too. The on-air host created a series through that vertical titled “Why We Play” that features inspiring stories from athletes.

4. Raya Clay

@rayaclay Happy Thursday! How’s your week going? #blackgirltiktok #lifestylevlog #lavlogger #losangeles #fyp #workvlog #womeninsports #sportstiktok #careerinsports #dailyvlog ♬ original sound – ٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴ

Raya Clay is a two-time Emmy award-winning producer for Fox Sports and formerly of ESPN. The creative was recently promoted to lead producer for the Flippin’ Bats show, where she’ll appear as on-air talent alongside the show’s host, Ben Verlander.

5. Lana LaDonna

Lana LaDonna is one of the fiercest rappers out of Detroit and is slowly but surely making a name for herself. The rising star creates music centered around women’s empowerment with a dope flow and incredible aesthetics.

6. Samjah Iman

Samjah Iman is a style influencer and writer for HelloBeautiful. Known to her friends and family as Sam, the New Orleans native has her platform called Style & Energy, where she blogs about her life through the lens of fashion. The creative was recently honored by ESSENCE and TikTok for her contributions to media.

7. Andrei Nichols


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Andrei Nichols is a creative to watch, constantly teaching us what it means to get to the bag — or “duffy” in his case. Known as Mr. Duffy to his followers, Andrei is a brand consultant specializing in assisting clients on how to best elevate their digital footprint. Andrei is also the community manager for The 313 Project, where he connects Detroiters with helpful resources on their journey to learning about NFTs and Web 3.0.

8. Brianne Garrett


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Brianne Garrett is the managing editor for Sweet July, Ayesha Curry‘s magazine geared toward the intersections of female empowerment, community and entertainment. Brianne frequently participates in speaking engagements to discuss her fabulous career in journalism while she inspires the next generation of free thinkers.

We’re so proud of each of these creatives! We can’t wait to see how they continue to impact the world. We’re all better off because of them.