About Nothing Podcast

Biz, Cake, and Kilsy kills each and every Monday from their random talks about sneakers, pop culture, relationships, showing listeners love and interviews. Their interviews are so intriguing to me because they have greats like, Junior MAFIA, Lil Cease, Premium Pete, Combat Jack and more. Check these guys out because they are the Monday “Flava in ya ear”.


We Come From Queens

Ever feel alone with life struggles like dating, job, society issues, financial issues or just life. Monique and Cadacia are here to let you know you’re not alone. These ladies bi-weekly Thursday Podcast would have you saying “YUP THATS ME” and having you feeling like “So, I'm not the only one who thought this or needed help with this." They’re the affirmation you need. Regardless of what you're going through in life, they've been there and strive to give you the best advice they could give to help accomplish whatever you need. 


Good Morning Beautiful Podcast

I call these girls the Charlie's Angels or the Power-Puff Girls of podcasts right now. You have Tylise, the sugar sweet foxy funny dramatic of the group.  The spicy one, Subrena is not afraid to tell it like it is and will cut your a** on social media if she has to.  And lastly, we have the sugary Shaniek. Their pop culture reviews and life advice -- on relationships, 'what-if situations', etc. -- will have you laughing or rethinking life. Fellas, If you ever want to know what girl group text is like listen to these ladies.


The Bodega Podcast

To me, Dj, Adaloso and new member Bruckner are The Breakfast Club Jr’s of the podcast world. Each week, they give you tea and shade in pop culture and they bring a guest from different careers to join them and discuss what they do. Whether it's entrepreneurs, musicians, fellow podcasters, etc.. Dj Adaloso and Bruckner will put you on and you won't regret the stuff they share!


Inner Hoe Uprising

Sam & Shanika lets you know that being a hoe isn’t that bad. Each week these ladies talk about love, sex, dating and their polyamorous lifestyle. Letting you know that everyone should be tapping into their “Inner Hoe”


HeMan Woman Hater Club

Spanky and his clubhouse have nothing on these guys because you never know who stops by. Their weekly rotating guest keeps you entertained and their clubhouse is 'No Holds Barred', so anyone can get it when you stop by their clubhouse. Each Monday the dynamic duo, Mouse Jones and Reek, unapologetically talk about almost any and everything in the world. 


Tea With Queen and J

In a world of racism, misogyny and a plethora of other shenanigans, two funny women sit together over tea and try to make the planet better one show at a time. Queen and J talk about anything from pop culture, politics, social justice and more! Recently these girls just join the Bondfireradio team, so you can hear them on there. Listen to Tea with queen and J every Tuesday so they can drop edutainment in your ears!


The Cure Podcast

this is my Podcast that I co-host with my cousin each week. We talk about almost any and everything on our show. News, pop culture, interviews and more. We open our lives to our listeners and keep it real with each other. Completely polar opposites, but one of us you’ll definitely agree with. Tune in Every Week to see what he have to discuss.