Summer is upon us, meaning it’s time for us to get our summer bodies ready! Keep in mind that there’s no one way to have a summer body, as we’re all allowed to wear what we want when we want, but there’s no shame in eating healthier. As we continue to survive in a global pandemic where COVID-19 can exacerbate preexisting conditions, we want to be as healthy as possible. That being said, we can all agree that a little bit of healthy eating never hurt anyone. Changing up one’s diet can be difficult, but thankfully, we have Black women to inspire us. Women like Kelly Rowland and Kelis have been proud advocates of clean eating. If we can have just an ounce of their fabulousness, sign us up. Black women have always led the charge when it comes to creating real change, and it’s no different when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Check out our list of eight celebrity Black women who have championed healthy eating and inspired us to do the same.