As many college students brace themselves for interrogations about college during Thanksgiving and winter break, one question that never appears to be asked is, ‘How’s your mental health?’. Psych Central reports that overall, 40% of Black college students experience mental health issues. However, they are half as likely to seek treatment as other students.   

Mental health in the Black community is an issue with conversation shortages and lacks the attention needed to provide resources to those who suffer.  According to Mental Health America, stigma and judgment surround those who seek treatment for their mental illness. Many are called ‘crazy,’ and others suggest that attending a church service often would fix the issue. The stigma is one of the many reasons why nearly 75% of Black college students tend to keep their struggles with depression to themselves.  

With mental health advocates ranging from professionals to celebrities, assistance and support are needed within smaller communities, such as families, to highlight the importance of seeking help and erasing the ‘crazy’ stigma. Communities can start with asking Black college students how they can assist with lessening the stress of attending an institution and how they can provide a safe space for those individuals. College students can also check out these eight mental health resources.