When considering the history of Black television, it’s important to never forget about the queens that blessed all of our retinas with their presence. The queen that’s getting her recognition in this post is Sheneneh Jenkins of Martin. There is no doubt in my mind that Sheneneh  was the best character on Martin. She consistently came through with her hilarious jokes and crazy hairstyles and clothing, and she deserves to be in the history books along with every historical figure. Below are eight reasons as to why Sheneneh Jenkins was flawless and deserves our praise

1. She consistently kept it real.


2. And stayed clowning on all of Martin’s guests.


3. If it came down to it, she was always ready to square up and fight.


4. Confidence? Our queen serves it up.


5.  She did not deal with foolishness.


6. And was a true hard worker.


7. Like a true queen, she did not like to be kept waiting.


8. And finally, she was a bomb-ass performer.


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