Earlier this summer I did a post on eight YouTubers from the UK that would help you achieve that #GloUp. Since then, I have received numerous requests to do a US version of the post. These YouTubers are fearlessly themselves with all the material they create and share with their viewers; truly the definition of a #CarefreeBlackGirl. I hope you all enjoy this list of some of my favorite US and Canadian YouTubers that inspire me to channel my inner self and to be exactly who I am with no regrets.

1. ItsMyRayeRaye (870,609 subscribers 40,222,978 views)

[Boston, NYC, LA] Raye Boyce is truly kickin’ butt on the YouTube front. She is unique in that she combines beauty and fashion with affordable brands to show her frugal fashionista ways. One of her missions is to make beauty accessible to all so that people won’t be tricked into thinking that fashion and beauty can only come from big spending. With her make-up tutorials, beauty hacks, haul videos and fashion tricks, you’ll be sure to find everything you need to step your beauty game up without breaking the bank. Her tutorials are beginner-friendly, so if you are just starting out, Raye is one of the perfect people to guide you through your uncertainty. Her videos let her personality shine through and really make you feel connected to her on a personal level.

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2. Jackie Aina (465,410 subscribers 28,458,540 views)

[LA] Jackie Aina is a true RESOURCE. When you aren’t busy enjoying her tutorials, her mini rants and her haul videos, you really are learning. Seriously. Jackie has a video series that she calls “Fix It Friday,” where she takes popular beauty concerns that her subscribers ask her about and gives solutions and alternatives to problems you didn’t even know you had. For example, she has videos on camera flashback, avoiding under-eye creasing with concealer and more. But Jackie has been holding us down long before this series began. As a strong and vocal advocate for black women and the lack of representation of darker-skinned women in beauty and fashion, she does her part to fill that void. Whether that be to petition to make-up brands to create a wider range of shades, providing beauty hacks for black women who can’t find their place in the beauty industry or just challenging the standard of beauty society has constructed, Jackie is truly a one-stop shop for inspiration, comedy, beauty and life lessons, as well as true, genuine fun.

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3. MsRoshPosh (396,299 subscribers 17,192,888 views)

[Toronto] Raschelle has left me speechless on so many occasions. Her make-up, laid-t hairstyles and outfits have all snatched my edges. Can you believe she’s a mom? Her and her daughter are nothing short of flawless and awe-inspiring. Raschelle has a tutorial for any make-up look you’d possibly be going for; by season, by occasion, by color, by trend — you name it. You can tell that she has no problem letting her personality shine through as she occasionally dances and sings during her tutorials. Raschelle gives you equal doses of slay and fun, and she’s sure to provide inspiration.

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4. Raven Elyse (259,849 subscribers 12,586,258 views)

[TX-Denton, Austin, Dallas] Raven has been on the come-up and is really finding her place in the YouTube world. A recent college grad, she has been dedicated to her subscribers and to producing quality content all through her university years. She has amazing outfit try-on hauls, make-up tutorials and hair videos, and her video-editing skills are top of the line. One thing in particular that can be appreciated about Raven is that she isn’t afraid to be her true self: whether that be “glammed up” and out with friends or fresh-faced and running errands. She doesn’t ask for permission to be who she is nor does she apologize for it. Her nails are always SUPER on-point, and she has been a source of inspiration for nail enthusiasts all over, myself included.

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5. NaturalNeiicy (253,294 subscribers 12,041,737 views)

[Toronto] Shaneice is a YouTuber representing Jamaica and the ’90s. She graduated college last year and has dedicated all her time since to pursuing YouTube full time. Her try-on hauls feature a lot of her ’90s style and inspiration as she puts together outfits that are bargain friendly. She is an expert “thrifter” and her outfits always come out on point, even though they can start as cheap as $3. Her make-up tutorials are beginner-friendly and accessible to someone who has never even owned a bit of make-up before. Most notable, however, are her natural hair tutorials, where she styles her hair in various looks based on occasion, season, trend and even decade. She’s definitely sure to give some much-needed ideas for anyone looking for styling ideas.

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6. HeyFranHey (153,740 subscribers 4,072,282 views)

[NYC] Francheska prides herself on “going natural from the inside out” and providing “tips on DIY beauty, natural hair care, nutrition and fitness; all with a bohemian twist!” She has always been a trusted resource for all things natural living and natural beauty. The great thing about Fran is that she not only provides tutorials, but also just informational videos. She gives homemade recipes for alternatives to products that have chemicals in them or are otherwise harmful. For example, she has recipes for all natural body butter, eyelash growth serum, natural deodorant and more. In her DIYs, she explains the purpose of each product she’s including, what it does and all the health concerns the alternatives can ease or alleviate. Hey Fran Hey is a great place to learn ways to be your best self from the inside out.

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7. SmartistaBeauty (195,372 subscribers 6,628,092 views)

[MD: Baltimore, DC] Bri is a college student and YouTuber who has remained dedicated to producing quality content while still prioritizing her academics. A strong lover of the ’90s, her try-on hauls, make-up tutorials and natural hair tutorials are just a few of the ways she allows her creativity to shine through. Bri has done several videos where she has gotten very personal with her audience and shared some of the things she has gone through to bring her “subistas” even closer to her. She is unapologetically herself and doesn’t let people’s opinions decide that for her. She is sure to provide some much-needed inspiration for all your hair, fashion and beauty needs.

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8. Mo Knows Hair (290,580 subscribers 14,018,960 views)


[MO: Kansas City] Mo’s YouTube bio really says it all:

Mo Knows Hair is a resource for all hair textures and types. I will feature care tips, styles, treatments and styling methods for all hair types and stages of growth. It is my hope that I can inspire you to try new things and have the best version of your hair!

This is exactly what she does. What’s enjoyable about Mo’s channel is that she features many different women with various hair types to show the versatility of hair and that all hair is worthy of care and can be cared for. It’s hard to feel alienated with a resource like Mo. No matter your hair texture, your preference of style or your budget, you are sure to find something on her channel that will help you really push the limits of your hair creativity.

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