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Chell Cee Milan

Chell's posts

12 artists Billboard could have named as Reggae artist of the year instead of Joss Stone

Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer published an article announcing that Billboard magazine had named Joss Stone, a British singer most well known for her pop and neo-soul pieces, the "Reggae Artists of the Year." Over here at Blavity, our writers of Caribbean descent (myself included), had a mess of reactions ranging from confusion to disgust to disappointment. From many of the comments on...

Multiracial churches and black erasure: Why won't you say our names?

So here's the deal: I'm a Christian and I'm also a black woman. Prior to college, I had been attending an predominantly (if not all) black church my entire life. When I went off to school, college now posed two questions most Christian young adults face: Will I compromise my faith as a result of my new-found freedom? To what extent? How do I find another church? I chose to...

Usher's inspiring new music video tells us #DontLookAway from police brutality

Last week Usher shocked us all with the release of his new music video #Chains, that tackles the issues of racism and police brutality. The video starts out with spooky and intriguing music, then follows with the words, “while racial injustice keeps killing, society keeps looking away” in the middle of a black screen. As the song continues, the faces of various victims of police...