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Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Tony McDade. David McAtee. Their recent deaths reinvigorated a movement that — due to hard work and dedication of on-the-ground organizers — has been gaining traction for years. Police buildings and cars are burning; protests are happening every day in cities and towns all over the country.

As a Black woman in a Public Policy PhD program, I have seen racial injustice with my own eyes and highlighted throughout my policy studies. Racial injustice goes beyond city limits, educational differences and pay grades. I was active with protests in Chicago, and while I know that not everyone can make that same commitment today, I want to help others learn how they can support in other ways.

I’ve heard many people ask how they can support the movement from their homes. I’m not encouraging you to stay home in this moment, but I recognize that many people physically cannot go out into the streets and others do not feel safe doing so, whether that be because they are at high risk of COVID-19 (Remember the Rona?) or because the police are wildin’ even more than usual.

Because of that consistent request, I’ve come up with a short (and not at all comprehensive) list of ways you can support the movement from your home: