What do you do when your brothers annoy you to no end?

Write a book, of course.

That was what Birmingham native Nia Mya Reese opted to do in a proactive effort to deal with her "annoying" younger brothers. The 8-year-old picked up the pen and started writing her first novel, How to Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother

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It started as a simple class project. Now, the young author is featured on Amazon's bestsellers list. Not bad for a first grader!

Reese says it didn't take her long to create the now-bestselling children's book as the inspiration was ample. Her mother says that she's very patient with her younger brothers (age 5) and is a "great big sister" to them both. "It really has spread the excitement across our school for other young writers," her teacher, Beth Hankins, said in an interview with CBS.  When asked what she's taken from this amazing accomplishment, her answer was simple: "to follow my dreams".

Yes, Nia Mya!

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You can support Reese by purchasing her best-seller here.