Sydney Carter is known for her college basketball career, playing in the WBNA and professionally overseas. Rather than being highlighted for her lengthy career, the Texas A&M women's basketball player development coach and assistant recruiting coordinator made headlines last week for fashion sense.

Carter's game day outfit spiraled into one of the biggest headlines surrounding the Texas A&M University women's basketball team. She did her usual posting routine of sharing her game-day fit with her followers, something she's been doing over the last year. Little did Carter know that her hot pink leather pants and white turtle neck would be the center of a viral squabble between opinionated spectators on whether or not her outfit was deemed appropriate for the coach to wear.

One post had gone viral on social media when a man prompted his followers with a post captioned, "Sydney Carter, Women's basketball coach, is her outfit appropriate as a basketball coach?." Another gentleman reposted the original posts defending Carter with a caption, "what's wrong with it???."

Thousands of comments were made under that one post of Carter's outfit either to shame her fashion choices or defend her. After countless debates over her courtside looks. Carter has shared her side of the story via Instagram and did not hold back while she thanked her supporters and team for standing beside her as the world came for another Black woman's neck over being confident in herself.

"Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words over the last few days,"  she said. "Representation matters. As a Black woman in coaching, I take pride in showing that people who look like me don't have to diminish our light to appeal to others, whose opinions never mattered anyway. I will continue to unapologetically be myself, apply pressure, and show that Black women can express our individuality while doing our jobs at a high level"

Carter responded robustly to critics of her 'inappropriate' outfit to Yahoo! Sport.

“I just think that people are uncomfortable with a Black woman being in a power position,” she explains. “When you see a Black woman who is actually confident and embracing herself, I think that that’s very intimidating.”

Here are some of our favorite Carter courtside looks: This green and the white checkered print two-piece suit is an item we need in our closet.