You’ve made it past the first step of securing a match on the Bumble app, kudos to you! So what’s next? Since this quarantine has taken effect, the way we date has changed drastically, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop altogether. Now is the time to get creative and reel your future honey in by “wowing” them on your first virtual date.

Although we’re social distancing, the first date will always be important in the dating game because the outcome determines whether your Bumble match will be open for another one. That’s why creativity is essential. First impressions matter, and we’re here to help you make a good one! 

Thanks to the Bumble Video Chat feature, you and your interest can get to know each other on a personal level while social distancing. In order to use the feature, you both have to match on the app. After the woman makes the first move, the video icon pops up as an option on your chat screen, allowing you to call each other without giving out phone numbers or personal information. This option can make it more comfortable to communicate, while still maintaining your privacy.

Ready to get to know your future quarantine bae, but not sure how to get started? Set yourself apart from other daters in the hive with these nine virtual date ideas to try with your Bumble match. 

1. Have a romantic dinner

Light some candles, dim the lights and turn on the R&B anthem, “Can We Talk?” by Tevin Campbell for this date. You can’t go wrong with a romantic first date as long as the ambiance is right. You can even send your date an e-gift card to Postmates or UberEats so they can get their favorite meal delivered. Then, you two can eat together, play light music in the background and have a great video chat that can reveal shared interests. You may even spend time dancing virtually to cap the nice evening off. Make the night as intimate as you want it to be. It’s up to you!

2. Play a music-themed game of ‘This or That’

Playing virtual games during a first date can serve as a great icebreaker while you get to know each other. To play a music-themed version of ‘This or That’ you can choose two songs and have your date pick the one that they’d prefer. This is a great way to discover their taste in music while having a little fun and enjoying the music together. You can even send a curated playlist reminiscent of the times when we used to make a couple’s mixtape CD, minus the Limewire downloads. 

3. Choose a TV show or movie to watch together and give media-styled commentary

We all have our favorite shows and movies where we talk aloud to the TV and yell what the character should or shouldn’t do next. Now, you can share these moments with someone else. Pick an episode or film to watch together and at the right moments, interject and dissect the scenes together. A great show to start with would be Insecure because we all want to know what’s up with Issa and Molly. Put a spin on this tip and choose movies from a certain era like the ‘90s. A few good options are Eve’s BayouJason’s LyricCrooklyn or Do The Right Thing.

4. Play virtual games

Show your fun side by downloading interactive games to play with your date. From Pictionary to trivia-- the options are endless. You could even check out the Quarantine Edition of the card game “We Are Not Really Strangers” and get to know each other on a deeper level. Prop up your phone in a hands-free position while using Bumble’s Video Chat feature and let the games begin!

5. Have pillow talk 

Photo: Bumble

There’s nothing better than having real conversations with someone you’re looking forward to getting to know. This is when the real interest kicks in. You both can get comfortable in your loungewear and use Bumble’s Video Chat feature to talk about your passions, goals and more. This is the best form of communication right now due to social distancing, and it allows you to be your true authentic self, rather than communicating via text messages.

6. Go on a virtual tour together

Just because you two are stuck in the house doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world together. Whether it’s taking a virtual tour of a gallery, city, zoo or aquarium, you can share new experiences right from home. Some organizations have features that will allow you to walk through your location of choice to explore attractions, art and more. Take a tour of the Vatican museums in Rome, Italy. Not only can you check out the beautiful murals and art, but you and your date can also check out Vatican City with the help of a tour guide via It is the perfect opportunity to ignite a meaningful conversation about each other’s interests filled with lots of fun. 

7. Wine tasting

A nice glass of vino, anyone? You and your date can go out and buy a few wines that you both haven’t tried and share opinions on their taste. You both can create your own requirements on how to rate each wine. This is a great way to spark conversation while listening to some smooth melodies in the background. 

8. Bring out your inner Basquiat 

Dates are all about having fun, right? Choose from a paint and sip, make cute little trinkets or even create your own vision board for the year. To top it off, you both can send each other care packages in the mail to send your creation as a gift. It’s also a cute way to show how much you enjoyed the date. 

9. Explore your mystical side with tarot or astrology

This is a great opportunity for you two to explore something intriguing. You can learn how to do a tarot reading for each other using a traditional tarot deck. If you don't have a set of cards normally used for the readings, regular playing cards can be used. You and your date can discuss your zodiac signs, interpret each other's birth chart and more. Maybe you both can figure out what the future holds for both of you, it’s all written in the stars, right?

No matter what you choose, the most important thing to remember is to plan an activity that makes you comfortable and allows you and your Bumble match to get to know each other. If none of these are popping out to you, Bumble has even more virtual first date ideas for you to try.  It’s important to not get too comfortable just because you’re at home. A first date is still a first date and you should always treat your date with the proper etiquette and respect. We encourage you to use all of these virtual dates for your future honey! Maybe you’ll be able to secure an in-person date when outside opens back up. Try these date ideas out and let us know how it goes. Download the Bumble app here.